Organizing and Downsizing


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Success begins with a plan that takes into account your unique situation. Therefore, I provide free consultations in-home, by phone, or through email. We will discuss your goals and skills, evaluate the areas you want to work on, and discuss the time frame you have in mind. There are many different ways to approach a project involving Too Much Stuff; we’ll find the method that fits you best.

Reclaiming your home can be such an overwhelming task that it’s an easy one to put off. But don’t wait another day. Contact me and together we’ll get your home in order so you can live the life you want. (508)470-0638

Moving Out

I can help you do things on both sides of the move that will make this exhausting and life-disrupting task easier. The best time to go through your Stuff and pare down your belongings is before you move. You will save money, time, and a lot of work. If you know you are moving a good deal ahead of time, we can set up a system so you can work an hour a day- instead of burning yourself out with last minute all-nighters.

As we declutter, we will also organize and pack your items so unpacking will be much easier. We’ll also set up an “Unpack Me First” box that will hold the items you will need on your first day in your new home. Now you won’t have to remember which box you packed the toilet paper in!

Moving In

Moving into a home is a time of new beginnings, full of promise and opportunity. At the same time, it’s overwhelming to see a lifetime of possessions stacked everywhere in boxes. Add a job, children, pets, and other responsibilities to the list and you may wonder if you’ll ever get unpacked. You may feel you have no choice but to unpack as quickly as possible, tossing things wherever they’ll fit.

I can help you unpack your house quickly, yet in an organized way. We’ll sort through items as we go so you will only keep the things you really need and want. Then we’ll take a serious look at the space and storage you have available in order to utilize it in a way that addresses your family’s requirements, interests, and goals. From the master closet to basement storage, we’ll create a home that will support your new life.

Unpack Me First box

Toilet paper

Change of clothing

Daily toiletries

Local phone numbers


Rags and cleaners

Paper plates and utensils

Chargers for phone, PC

Pet food

Sheets and pillows

Drinks and snacks

Shower curtain