Organizing and Downsizing


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Success begins with a plan that takes into account your unique situation. Therefore, I provide free consultations in-home, by phone, or through email. We will discuss your goals and skills, evaluate the areas you want to work on, and discuss the time frame you have in mind. There are many different ways to approach a project involving Too Much Stuff; we’ll find the method that fits you best.

Reclaiming your home can be such an overwhelming task that it’s an easy one to put off. But don’t wait another day. Contact me and together we’ll get your home in order so you can live the life you want. (508)470-0638

Estate Dispersal

With families increasingly busy and spread out geographically, a life transition or a death in the family carries new logistical challenges. When it’s time to clear out a loved one’s house or belongings, people tend to either hire a Real Estate Appraiser, who sells any items of value and discards the rest, or they try to do it themselves.

I offer an alternative. Following your guidelines, I will create an inventory of items that appear to have either monetary or sentimental value. I will post pictures and descriptions of these items on a private website so family members can decide together what to do with them. Once the family has made their decisions, I will arrange to ship out the items you want and find appropriate destinations for the rest.

In addition, I provide the following services: set up lights to make the house seems lived in, forward mail, gather documentation, water plants, meet real estate professionals, and arrange for appraisals, pet sitting, yard care, house repairs, debris haul-away, lock changes, cleaners, and movers.

When deciding how to distribute items, photographs are usually the most disputed. In order to avoid this, I will scan all photos as well as any personal records you request. I will create a simple slide show and provide each family member with a DVD containing both the slide show and the separate files.